Hazelwood Court, Lake District - where country house comfort, quality, space and style have replaced the conventional self catering holiday cottage format.
This unspoilt country and coastal view over Morecambe Bay is available from all self catering holiday apartments at Hazelwood Court, Cumbria.
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NEW All Inclusive Pricing
Change of Hazelwood Court Conditions of Hire No. 8.
NEW! An opportunity to save yourself some money and help to save the planet.


In response to the current market led pressures for fully inclusive holiday accommodation pricing, the weekly and short break prices shown on our Prices and Availability page have been adjusted to include the total cost of gas and electricity used by our guests for heating, lighting, hot water and all electrical appliances during their stay. As all the switches, thermostats and timing devices in each apartment are totally occupant controlled, this arrangement will benefit those who may prefer not to venture out too frequently or for lengthy periods, and who wish to ensure adequate temperature levels at all times. This fixed price option provides budget certainty and peace of mind for those who desire it.

We are equally aware, however, that many visitors wishing to enjoy the world-class scenery and countless visitor attractions offered in this area normally do leave their apartment unoccupied for most of the day and consequently use relatively little gas and electricity, especially in summer months. Many are also keen to reduce their energy consumption levels for global environmental reasons and, in the current economic climate, most people are now very aware of energy costs, and are therefore keen to switch off, turn down and consequently save themselves undue expense wherever possible as well!

Accordingly, for those whose holiday lifestyle and/or attitudes fit more closely to the second scenario, we will also continue to make available our long-established method of offering our accommodation hire charges at substantially lower prices throughout 2012, but will make a separate end of stay charge for gas and electricity consumed, based on arrival and departure meter readings for each individual apartment. As, however, our computer system does not permit us to show two sets of prices, enquirers will need to telephone / email us for a quotation of the non-all-inclusive accommodation price. Before booking, we will willingly provide estimated guidance regarding the possible size of these metered charges, based on the current prices charged by our suppliers. We will also show you the meters, if required, on arrival, on departure and at any time during your stay, and we will, if asked, provide a daily energy cost indication for your peace of mind while you are here. To emphasise the benefit of this option, in the summer of 2011 the weekly apartment gas and electricity charge amounted to less than £20 on several occasions. Clearly careful energy usage can pay significant dividends!

Please read carefully the Booking Conditions provided under the Information heading. Indication of your choice of pricing system should be provided when you complete a booking form.

Please bear in mind that both our pricing systems continue to include free communal laundry facilities, Wi-Fi, fruit bowl, flowers, arrival tea tray, cots and high chairs. It is the current level of energy costs coupled with the growing demand for all-inclusivity which has precipitated our policy change. We hope that this pricing choice opportunity will be widely welcomed, and that you will find one option suitable for your requirements.

Do please contact us, if only to provide your comments on these alternative proposals. We would be delighted to hear your views and discuss our changed approach with you.

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